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Conservatorships are court proceedings used to protect the personal and financial needs of an individual- the conservatee- who is incapable of caring for himself. In these proceedings, the court appoints a conservator to protect and care for the conservatee by managing his/her affairs.

Types of Conservatorships

There are two types of conservatorships: conservatorship of the person and conservatorship of the estate. A conservatorship of the person is when the conservator manages the personal care of the conservatee (overseeing decisions such as food, housing and medical care) whereas a conservatorship of the estate is when the conservator manages the financial affairs of the conservatee.

A limited conservatorship is for developmentally disabled individuals. In this situation, the conservator does not take complete control of the conservatee's personal and financial needs, but focuses on the areas where the conservatee is unable to function on his/her own. The focus of this conservatorship is to foster the conservatee's self-sufficiency and independence as much as possible. For more information on conservatorships, check out these helpful links:

How Our Estate Planning Lawyers Can Help

Conservatorship can be a complex legal process, which is why it is advised that you have an experienced San Ramon estate planning attorney on your side. Let Santaella Jahangiri LLP be an asset to you during this time!

We can discuss your options with you, whether you wish to be a conservator, whether someone has petitioned you to be a conservator or whether you have been conserved. If someone is petitioning you to be a conservator, you have the right to oppose the petition. Also, a conservatee may always contest the granting of a conservatorship or object to a proposed conservator. No matter which role you play in this process, you have rights and we will help you protect them at all costs. Contact our office at (888) 698-3951 now!

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